Wednesday, May 4, 2016

AI Startups Conference: Schedule

We are running an AI Startups Conference in San Francisco on May 25th.

We have a stellar agenda with extraordinary speakers.

8:00 AM Registration
9:00 AM Bo Morgan DreamWorks Animation A Cognitive Architectural Map of AI Startup Ideas
9:30 AM Sarah Austin Broad Listening Going from Soft to Hard in 30 Minutes 
10:00 AM Matt Johnson QC Ware Quantum annealing computing for optimization and machine learning
10:25 AM Break
10:40 AM Cory Kidd Catalia Health Current AI + Robotics Opportunities in Healthcare
11:10 AM Eric Danziger Simulating Worlds to Train AI
11:40 AM Alex Kern Pavlov Deep Learning at Scale
12:10 PM Celeste Baranski Numenta Reverse Engineering the Neocortex
12:35 PM Lunch
1:20 PM Philip Thomas Staffjoy Decision Algorithms in Production
1:50 PM Ian Foley acuteIQ Using AI to find customers for the financial services industry
2:20 PM Farzan Fallah Idelan Bringing Smart Watches to the Mainstream using Computational Linguistics
2:50 PM Alex Jaimes AiCure Revolutionizing Healthcare: Mobile AI to Improve Health Outcomes
3:15 PM Break
3:30 PM Rand Hindi Snips Building an Artificial Intelligence with Privacy
4:00 PM Alex Chan Datanovo Artificial Intelligence Intellectually Disrupts Patent Litigation
4:30 PM Philip Low NeuroVigil Authentic Intelligence: Harnessing the Brain’s Whispers with Advanced Algorithms


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